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PawSteps Veterinary Center:
Northbridge, MA

A primary goal of this project was to transform an open-span 1950's metal building into a state-of-the-art veterinary center on a $100/sf budget. The building was modeled in CAD, and the structural members were similarly modeled and sent to the structural engineers, who analyzed them and reported that the structure was sufficient but that no additional loads could be imposed by new work. The solution involved the construction of a "roof within a roof", composed of 2x6 metal joists, which supported the hvac system, fire-rated enclosures, ceiling and lighting, and overhead plumbing and electric utilities. The interior drywall partitions provided additional lateral support. No upgrades to the roof structure were required because all new loads were supported from below. The hvac system was designed to provide 10% fresh air to the offices/exam rooms and 20% fresh air to the kennels/surgery/veterinary care suites.

  Floor Plan Floor Plan
Southeast Elevation

South Elevation

  Section Section SE Elevation

Southeast View

  Entry Elevation Main Entry Existing Interior 1

Existing Interior

Existing Exterior 1 Existing Exterior Existing Ceiling
Existing Roof Structure


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