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Red Bullet New Porch & Master Bath

Red Bullet Renovations & Additions to residence in Upton, MA
   Anticipated completion - Fall 2012

Please compare the perspective renderings & construction progress photos to see how accurately Building Information Model (BIM) technology pre-visualizes the actual construction before it is built. Owners, consultants & contractors can now quickly evaluate & understand the implications of the proposed design. Wheelock Associates Architects has been utilizing BIM in projects for the past five years.

Existing 1

Existing Conditions

Construction Progress

Construction Progress

NW Perspective

Perspective Renderings

Bath Perspective

Aerial Perspective: Master Bath

Floorplan 1 Floorplan: First Floor Floorplan 2 Floorplan: Master Bath
Section 1

Building Section @ Master Bath

Section 2

Building Section @ Master Bath



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