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Red Bullet   Upton Residence Additions Underway!
Construction is proceeding on schedule at a lively pace. The building envelope closed in, windows are on their way and the expansive exterior deck is in progress. Please click here for images & information.

Red Bullet   Sustainable Building Technologies
Philip Wheelock now chairs the Green Sanctuaries Committee at the First Unitarian Church of Providence as an extension of his professional commitment to sustainable technologies. Among other activities, the committee will be revisiting the recent energy audit of the church building in order to learn how to apply the process to other structures. For more information about the Green Sanctuaries Initiative, please click here.

Red Bullet Lakeside Residence - Sutton, MA.


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Red Bullet Article- "Harmonic Emergence", on strengthening the links between Landscape and Architectural Design (Washington Post). Wheelock Associates Architects has been a consistent advocate for the fundamental and inseparable relationship between these disciplines.


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