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Red Bullet UC Central Utility Plant



Renovations & Additions
University of Cincinnati (OH)
(Conceptual Design, Exterior Stainless Steel Louver Design, Building Sections & Structural Coordination with Cambridge Seven Associates)

Red Bullet Located at the intersection of UC's new and old campuses, the existing power station was upgraded. The plant was completed and put into commercial service in May 2004 and consists of two 12.5 megawatt (MW) combustion turbine generators which can operate on both natural gas and diesel fuel, two heat recovery steam generators capable of producing a total of 240,000 Pounds Per Hour (PPH) of 600 psi steam, at 750ยบ F, a 24 MW steam turbine, two 150,000 PPH dual fuel package boilers and 18,000 tons of chiller capacity.

  Exterior View

Exterior View from Northeast

Exterior View Other Views




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