Red Bullet Coastal Architecture

Wheelock Associates Architects offers imaginative and comprehensive design services for fine custom coastal and river-front construction through a combination of hands-on knowledge of coastal construction materials and details, a thorough architectural education, and the highest standards of professional practice. We celebrate the use of traditional materials and detailing to lend an air of timelessness to coastal and river-front homes, but for us, and our clients, this is just the beginning.

We are a prime design resource for clients who not only seek the look and feel of a coastal home, but who also wish to reflect their unique narratives with respect to the coastal environment in the living spaces, functionality, materials, details, landscaping, site orientation, and sculptural aspects. Moreover, we are skilled at finding space and detailing storage areas into every nook and cranny as if we were designing a ship. All of this is driven by interactive, collaborative design sessions, typically around the kitchen or dining room table, where these narratives are made visible as detail, space, views and light in response to the shifting, deep spaces between land and water.

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Beach House

Beach House:
Groton Long Point, CT

Plan Perspective

Master of Architecture Thesis:
Rhode Island Sound


Waterfront Residence:
Quincy, MA

River-front Home

River-front Residence:
Uxbridge, MA

NAIB Bridge

NAIB Pedestrian Bridge:
Inner Harbor
Baltimore, MD**

Lake House

Lake House
Sutton, MA

** with Cambridge Seven Associates
"… The ceaseless, reverberant ocean traces phenomenal levels of reality hidden from rational view. The simultaneous view of distance and borders prefigures a journey whose course is charted with diffuse echoes and winking lights in a wine-dark sea. So begins and ends an odyssey toward the mirrorings of one's inchoate self, borne on wind and tide."
Master of Architecture Thesis, 1999

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